indah ciptaannya..

indah ciptaannya..
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Being Single???

Assalamualaikum readers :D
some people might say, its will be boring if i dont have couple a.k.a boyfriend.. and guess what? i feel the same way when i was with him before.. i was always thinking, my life will be boring if i dont have one will texting one will calling me at night...and so on...

but...when everything just end... i found that it was wrong! i learn to live normally like others.. who says i'm boring without boyfriend? no i am not... me even dont cry when he left me before.. how strong am i..hehehe... i know, he's not the best for me.. Allah now better.. 

so now.... i feel free ^^
but its not as a pass for me to have no limitations in my life...i am a Muslims and i have my guideline.. :D
being single is not a miserable or sucks thing.. :))

ok..this one i copied from samriddhirai.blogspot
fyi..i'm not really read all of the points :p
its really true and for sure it will help to comfort  single folks out there, who have been hurt , who have not found the love of their life, who have been separated, who are stuck in the wrong relationship and especially those on my facebook who constantly post “i-am-dying-because-the-love-of-my-life-left-me” kinda status updates. 

Being single means, You don’t have a special someone to go out on movies, parties or any other fun events/places with. And you might not always have a date in “standby” mode for you and even if you do score a date, chances are they might turn out to be weird and boring which sucks big time.
On the contrary, you get to go alone to all these fun events/places and be the hot single cruising the crowd. PS. Be ready to strike some interesting conversations with some awesome strangers (awesome because nothing hurts by assuming that).

Being single means, You don’t have a special someone to call or text just for the hell of it. No one to ask you where you are, what you ate for lunch or give you a second opinion on the Rs. 200 worth of wayfarers you’ve been eyeing for a long time. (FYI … Yah I did buy one of those and I can tell you, its awe---oh wait for it--- some … barney Stinson styleJ )

But you have Facebook, who always asks you “what’s on your mind”? You just type things there and you immediately connect to hundreds of your friends out there. Now come on … one person vs hundreds, to give you company and share your thoughts with??? Who would you choose? It’s like asking, would you settle for just one ordinary pair of shoes or go for an entire wardrobe- and may I add unique and varied and interesting and colorful wardrobe. Yah you know the answer. 

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. The world seems rosier, people around you are a lot nicer and you tend to smile a lot and are just so happy for no specific reason. Oh no wait, there’s a reason- the reason being, you’re in love. And when you’re single *poof * all of that is gone. You’re back to that old, cruel, evil-evil world.

But guess what? It’s your hormones messing up with your head. Did you know that in the beginning of a relationship human minds releases endorphins also known as the “happy hormone” causing you to believe you’re happy and partially (fully in some cases) disabling your mind to think clearly? Where do you think  “love is blind” phrase came from? It was science all along. And once this phase is over, it wont take long before you start noticing your, (may I dare say) better halves’ yellow toenails, fake eyelashes and/or hairy nostrils. And if you still insist on living in a rosier world, here’s a tip: go get yourself one of those rose-tinted glasses… I bet it will cost you no more than 200 bucks. (Rs. Really, but bucks sounds cooler,no :P)  

Being single means, you wont have anybody posting up sweet messages on your facebook wall. No one to share your profile picture with. Your facebook fairytale love story goes tragic.

Oh wake up! You think people care half the time who you’re sharing your ilu-ilus with? Unless, of course, if youre Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie which am guessing youre not. Com’on now , being single in facebook and having just solo pictures in your profile means you’re independent and most importantly an individual. Well that is how you came into this world, why, what made you think being a Siamese-like-couple was fun-ner. It’s not.

Being single, means there is gonna be no one around when you wanna hug, /cuddle/ kiss/caress. No one to shower you with attention and/ or love. Your world is a cold, lonely place and with each passing day your belief on you dying alone just gets stronger and stronger.  

Hey! Your parents didn’t work so hard on bringing you up so that you could be this pathetic love-craving loser. There are enough people who love you and want to see you happy. And most importantly if you don’t love yourself enough, it will be hard for others to do so. So, you need occasional hugs? Go to your friends. You wanna cuddle? get a teddy bear. You wanna kiss? Oh now, that has to wait until you start dating someone else again… and if you are the one who cannot wait and believe in pouncing at the next stranger you meet then please stop reading this .. this blogpost is definitely not for you.

Talking in the same line, being single would mean no one to hold your hands with. And every time you’d see a happy couple walking down the street , holding their hands, you swore you died a little inside. Oh sadness!

Dude! You’re not a three-year-old kid are you? You didn’t just learn to walk yesterday did you? Then why do you need to hold hands?… grow up. Plus, there is that possible sweaty hands to watch out for. Ugh. Not cool.

Being single also means, you’d have no reason to buy that hot new dress or that oh-so-cool shirt, because of course if you don’t have a “special” someone to wear it for then why waste the money on it right? Being single would also mean, starting to eat like a pig because seriously for whom to stay fit and in shape? Plus the food is comforting and a true friend during times of loneliness. 

Oh my god !!! you do that? Shame on you. And again I repeat, “if you don’t have the ability to love yourself, people will find it hard to love you too.” So pull yourself together and invest and cultivate into being an independent solo person. Remember, people aren’t a fan of those wild, thorn-filled, unmanaged shrubs. It’s the big, green, upright (better if its fruit bearing) trees that people seek shelter in. Be that big tree for yourself and for those around you.

Being single would mean, you don’t have that one person that you can talk just about anything with. You’d confess embarrassing moments, you’d share your deepest secrets, you’d yell at each other, you’d quarrel for no reason because at the end you’d know they’re still for you. Being single, would mean missing out on a person who will be there for you no matter what- your security blanket your comfort cushion.

Oh my! Now that’s pure human torture. Why would you expect to be fed with perspectives from just one person? That aint healthy. Plus you can always splurge your personal rants on blogs that would be read by thousands. So, you wanna share embarrassing moments, open an anonymous blog. Or channel your frustration or whatever you’re feeling by writing a song or a poem .. that way you’re exploring new talents along the way. And FACT: people die. Oh but the world wide web is eternal. Imagine having your thoughts and moments scribbled out there in the eternity of the www and the universe for years and decades and centuries. You’d be long gone but your words and thoughts would be still alive in the internet for generations to see    ( that is if the world doesn’t end in 2012) Now isn’t that awesome?  

Being single would mean not having anyone to whisper those sweet nothings to. Not having anyone to miss. Not having anyone to take those long walks with, possibly planning a life together. The dream house you’d build, giving names to those unborn kids you’d have, deciding which school they’d go. Oh being single means only having to plan what you’re having for your next meal and that’s just sad. 

Oh for the love of god. You call of that being in love? That’s not being in love. That’s being desperate and clingy and unrealistic and just dreamy which aint practical … snap out of it before you ruin each other lives and steal each other’s independence. Do you think FACEBOOK the biggest-most-powerful inventions of our times would have been created if Mark Zuckerberg wasted his time doing all of that? I don’t think so. Use your head , put your mind to good use …. And once you become successful at whatever you choose do .. there will be a thousand people readily begging to hear you blabber any bullcrap you have to say.

Yes, you will miss out on a lot of things if you’re single.
But also, you will miss out on a lot of yourself if you are not single.

see? everything comes with reason(s) ^^