indah ciptaannya..

indah ciptaannya..
Pantai Pandak, Cendering.

my dear honey...

Sunday, 5 August 2012



I am still dont get it, why people must feel jealous with others that get something more... hello... JEALOUSY is a verryyyy terrible disease u know..i hope you'll get well soon..hahaha

i think its not something weird when your friends said something like perli2.. for me, at the end of the day, its all about jealousy...

I give u very common example..

A and B are very close friends.. bestfriend katanya...then, someday, B getting close with other friend, C... B always going out with C.. Hanging out here and there..laughing..taking pictures and what so ever.. C have a car.. so, B and C going out frequently differ with A.. B and A will only hang together at nearby places bcause there's no transport.. 

One day.. A meet B and said, "its good to have a car right?"

that's enough to show your jealousy sayang,... :D

and more thing that i think its funny..HAHA
See? too funny till i laugh before i say it.. :p

Girls look at me up and down and dont say anything..i dont know those girl so do them.. the funny part is when the words come out when i walked away.... this thing always happen to me and other friends of mine...haha... hello, only with one meeting like that, u can give interpretation to me?? ouuhh...very good la you...

no need to have that kind of disease laa... if that so..u will have no time to improve your life bcoz  u'r too bz with others business.. ^^


tier@92 said...

kini ku mengerti Bell tp tyra dpt ayat camni "kte kene ade kete ek baru org suke?"....xpe Bell never stop feel grateful and doa Allah akan murahkan rezeki kite.. Amin~