indah ciptaannya..

indah ciptaannya..
Pantai Pandak, Cendering.

my dear honey...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

it's heart-speech..

sometimes i feel like it just a dream... u left me? is it for real??
its hard dear... really hard for me to face this reality.. i am not longer yours..

i try so hard to be okay.. i pretend that i'm okay in front of my friends.. i covered my tears with my smile..
tipu la kalau aku ckap aku x syg ko.. ko llaki pling lame yg stay ngn aku slame ni.. ex lain stakat 3,4 bulan je... we have gone through lots of thing.. and all those memory really hurt me..lets only us know those memory..

i still save your messages.. your promises..
"lupakn jelaa ma bnda yg dah lpas tu..xde jodoh.kan kite still mmber?"
yess.. its fucking easy for you to said that.. can u imagine how hell is my heart now??

i know i'll be okay but its take too long time.. or until someone come to me and make me forget bout you? its take forever for me to forget u..

u might see me smiling, laughing like nothing hell happen..

but, behind all those smiling and heart is crying so badly!

i am really sorry if i couldn't make you happy.. sorry for always hurting you...but big thanks for being my bestfriend, my enemy, and my brother.. thanks a lot sbb sabar ngn aku selama ni...
even though you are not longer my boyfriend, but still..u are my best friend till jannah, insyaAllah...

doakan aku dapat someone better tw! lagi handsome dr ko pun okayy jugak..hakhak..